About Us


Father Juan Pedro Maldonado (Fr JP) is the Roman Catholic Chaplain. He is on campus on behalf of the Hamilton Diocese several days a week.

The chaplaincy is located in The Lady Goodfellow Chapel (opposite the Rec Centre), overlooking one of the University's beautiful lakes. It is in a tranquil setting and is a place where you can come aside for a while for quiet contemplation.

Fr JP adopts an open-door policy where students and staff can drop-in for confession and spiritual guidance at any time during office hours.

Mass is celebrated several times a week during teaching session: Mass Times. There are gatherings for Bible studies, talks and classes about the faith and other contemporary issues conducted during the week.

The chaplaincy has a borrowing library with a collection of books on faith, prayer, Church history, lives of saints and so on.

The Chaplaincy works in conjuction with Waicath, a student society on campus, to run activities for students and staff.